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Thank you for your application submission, we have received it. We have emailed you a copy of your  application submission along with some class rules.

We receive many applications everyday, if you are lucky and get selected then you will receive another email from your teacher with instructions for the next step. You are encouraged Contact us directly and tell us about you and why you want to learn English free. (We do consider these things in the application process). 

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You have agreed to our terms and conditions and class rules and grading criteria. Failure to follow the rules of the class will result in termination of your free study program. We have emailed you a copy of some of the class rules, please review them and follow them. We have the right to terminate your free study program for any reason at any time.

If you are chosen then you will receive another email within the next 3 days to complete a basic interview to assess your current English level and get started. Keep in mind we receive hundreds of applications to study for free online during Covid-19 and only take serious students. (You have 3 days to complete your interview, if its not completed by then you will lose your opportunity to study free with us.)

Review Terms and Conditions & Class rules:

You have agreed to our terms and conditions and class rules, lets review some of the the class rules and grades.

Must maintain a grade of 70% (If you drop below this you will be dropped (removed) for a more serious student, many students pay a lot of money for this tutoring so we want the free opportunity to go to the right person.)

We grade over the following topics: Speaking, Pronunciation, Phrases, Idioms, Exercises, Etiquette

Grading Policy:

Speaking: How are you improving with your speaking.

Pronunciation: Phonetic speaking, (Do you sound correct?)

Phrases: We will teach you basic phrases and see if you remember them or how you speak them.

Idioms: English phrases that are not literal.

Exercises: Pronunciation exercises, Homework, Assignments, ect.

Etiquette: Are you being polite to your teacher and fellow students?

Terms and Conditions to Review:

Environment: Please show up to lessons with a writing tool and paper. Must be in a quiet place away from any people or distractions. Have a working webcam, phone camera with a clear microphone and headset preferably (headphones). 

Privacy Policy: Nothing may be recorded, retransmitted, shared or replicated in any form for any reason. 

Students have agreed to follow the terms and conditions and class rules.

Best Wish & Goodluck,

English Fluently Team